ICSD Web Filtering Certificate


The new web filtering policy for all devices connecting to Internet services in Iron County Schools requires users to install this certificate on the device connecting to the internet. Cert

Mac OS instructions: (for Safari & Chrome)

  1. Download this file: Certificate
  2. Find the file in your downloads called "ICSD_Certificate_Installer.dmg"
  3. Open up this downloaded file and double click the "ICSD Certificate Installer"
  4. IF a warning pops up, click "Open"
  5. A terminal window will open.
  6. In the Terminal, type in your computer password. Then press Return(Enter) to quit.
  7. You now have the Certifificate. :-)

warn Warning pop up. Click Open.

window Terminial Window. Type in computer password & Return.


  1. Open Firefox and click this link: Certificate
  2. A popup Certtificate windows appears. Check the 3 boxes.
  3. Click OK

  1. Download this file: Certificate
  2. Double click the downloaded file
  3. Enter the computer password if prompted
  4. While installing the certificate, on page 3 titled "Certificate Store", make sure to chose "Place all certificates..." and browse to and choose the "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" folder. Then click next.

iPhone and iPad
  1. Using Safari on your iPhone, click this link: Certificate
  2. When prompted, tap on Trust 
  3. For IOS 10.3 or higher, make sure the Certificate Trust Settings has sss_decrypt turned on. Its under Settings>General>About>Certificate Trust Settings. For a full explaination click here.

Android Phone
  1. Using a browser on your Phone, click this link: Certificate
  2. Download the file
  3. Give the file a name (example: cert)
  4. Save and the certificate will install 

Captive/Internet Portal Certificate (Web Login)
  1. Click here to download the Certificate for Firefox and Windows.
  2. Click here for the Mac OS installer Certificate.

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