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"Health Forms" (PDF files)

Kindergarten Registration Information
Open Airways Permission Slip
Maturation Eng & Spanish Permission Slip
Spanish Maturation Permission Slip
Communicable Disease- Exclusion From School Guidelines
Utah Immunization Guidbook 2016

Epi Pen Authorization Form

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Plan 2015
Health Screenings Information
Health Screening(s) Exemption

Lice Letter
Spanish Lice Letter - Carta_Piojos_Español
Lice Frequently Ask Questions 
Severe Allergy Non Food (Anaphylaxis) Health  Plan 
Diabetes Health Care Plan 

Diabetes (DMMP) for Doctor to complete
Asthma Action Plan & self administration form
Seizure Health Care Plan
Nurses Schedules

Iron County School District Nurses provide services in the following areas:

I. Current Health Issues of Students

  • General Health Issues
  • Students with medical concerns that require interventions at school
  • Dietary Concerns - If your student requires a meal accommodation for a medical "disability" please provide documentation from a physician - Utah State Office of Education Dietary Form  

II. Health Education– Our School Nurses teach various health topics to classes and staff during the school year:

  • The Open Airways program from the American Lung Association is presented frequently at different schools at different times as need and schedules allow.
  • Open Airways Permission Slip (See permission form under "Health forms".)
  • The 5th grade Maturation program is presented each year as part of the 5th grade Utah State Curriculum. (See permission form under “Health forms”).
  • Maturation Power point – Boys & Girls 
  • Dental programs are presented in both the 1st and 2nd grades every year during National Children's Dental Health Month in February. Contact your student's school for date and time.
  • Monthly Staff education on medical issues for students.
  • Medical Alerts – If there is a medical concern/problem noted on the registration form, this is entered into the Power School program. This allows teachers to access this information.
  • Health Care Plans – A specific plan that is developed for your student when a teacher or staff member may need specific instructions to intervene on your students’ behalf if there is a medical problem at school. This plan is made after consultation from the parent/guardian and physician. The plan could involve many different medical conditions. It needs to be signed by the parent or guardian, physician, school administrator (if applicable) and school nurse. Example of some of these plans could be a Severe Allergy (Anaphylaxis) that could require medication at school such as an antihistamine, or an Epi-Pen, Diabetes, Asthma, Seizures, or any medical condition (temporary or chronic), that may require interventions on the school’s part to keep your student safe and healthy. If your child has a condition that may need a health plan, please contact your school nurse. (See Severe Allergy (Anaphylaxis) Health Care Plan, Diabetes Health Care Plan, Asthma Health Care Plan, and Seizure Health Care Plan under "Health Forms"). 
  • Lice Protocol - If a student is found to have live lice, this student must be sent home until the parent/guardian signs and returns the letter back to the school which reports on the treatment used and when it was used (See letter under "Health Forms"). Follow up evaluation will be done by the school nurse or trained school personnel. The presence of nits (lice eggs) is not criteria for keeping students out of school. It is the parents responsibility to treat the lice at home and follow up combing and cleaning to eradicate the problem. 

III. Immunizations – Current Utah School Immunization Guidelines -Utah immunization guidebook 2016-17

IV. Screenings (See information sheet in "Health Forms")– Each year we perform Vision Screenings for Pre-K, K-8th grade students, and all IEP students, Hearing Screenings for Pre-K, K-3rd, 6th grade students, and all IEP students, Oral Health Screenings for Elementary age students, and Scoliosis Screenings for all 6th-8th grade girls, and 7th-8th grade boys. We perform these screenings at each school in the district in the fall per schedule by that school’s principal.

  • Vision Screenings: Several methods for vision screening are state approved and available for student screening. Any of the following methods may be used to screen your child: Distance vision charts, photo screening, or computerized programs. School screenings are coordinated by the school nurse who may use trained parent volunteers and school staff to assist, or may request state-approved vision screening assistance from the Lions Sight Foundation, Friends for Sight, or the Utah Division of Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired. A referral will be sent home if your student does not pass the screening.
  • Hearing Screenings: The students will be screened by our district Audiologist, trained school staff, and trained volunteers.
  • Oral Health Screenings: The local dentists within our community have offered to provide these oral screenings. All elementary age students will be screened, and the screening will check for obvious tooth decay and obvious visible dental problems. This screening is NOT intended to take the place of normal dental check-ups and exams. A referral will be sent home indicating any treatment advised.
  • Scoliosis Screenings: Boys and girls will be screened separately in areas that accommodate the need for privacy. Boys will be asked to remove clothing to the waist. Girls can wear a tight fitting camisole or leave on a tight fitting shirt that allows proper visualization. Sweatshirts or baggy shirts must be removed during screening. Students will not be asked to remove their bra or pants. If there is a concern after the initial screening, a secondary screening is conducted with a second medical specialist. If there is still a concern, a letter will be sent home referring the student to a specialist. 

Parents have the right to deny students being screened; however, this request must be in written form. Please see the Health Screening(s) Exemption form (See under "Health Forms").  

V. Training

VI. Medication

About our Nursing Services Staff Members:

Lauri Baumgartner  Lauri Baumgartner - Registered Nurse (RN, BSN)  Email:

Lauri is a native of Cedar City. She received her RN degree from Weber State University, and her Bachelor degree from Southern Utah University. She has worked as an RN for 24 years. Lauri has been at the school district for 15 years. She worked at Valley View Medical Center in Medical/Surgical, OB, and Same Day Surgery areas for 15 years. Lauri is a mother of four and grandmother of nine.


Jana Carter  Jana Carter - Registered Nurse (RN, BSN)  Email:

Jana spent her childhood on a ranch in Star Valley Wyoming and high school years in Moapa, NV. She met her husband at Utah State University where she got her degree in Education. She taught school for a few years in Minersville, UT and moved to Cedar City in 2002. Jana has three boys and one girl. Her Nursing degree is from Southern Utah University and began working with Iron County School District in 2015.


Amber Dalton  Amber Dalton - Registered Nurse (RN, BSN)

Amber graduated from Southern Utah University in 2011 and recieved her Associate of Science from Southern Utah University in 2009.  She has three years experience with Iron County Ambulance and has experience in the surgical setting. She is a member of the Safe Kids Coalition in Iron County and a car seat technician. Amber is married and has five wonderful children. 

 Tiffany Johnson  Tiffany Johnson - Registered Nurse (RN, BSN)  Email:

Tiffany graduated from SUU with a bachelor degree in nursing in 2007.  She has worked in many different areas: emergency room, medical/surgical, and residential treatment. She has three children and loves Cedar City.

Kathy Stringham  Kathy Stringham- Secretary  Email:

Kathy has worked for the school district for 18 years. She first worked in the food service area and now works with the nurses as a secretary.


Dottie Nelson  Dottie Nielson - Secretary

Dottie has worked for the school district for 10 years. She is from Fremont, UT. Dottie has two boys and two girls; all have attended Iron County Schools.


Tara Oldroyd  Tara Oldroyd - Secretary

Tara comes to the Iron County School District with a strong medical background, having graduated with an associates degree in nursing from UVSC. She has lived in Cedar City for 17 years. Tara is married and has seven children; all have attended Iron County Schools. 


Non-Discrimination Statement

Iron County School District is committed to a policy of equal employment opportunity and does not discriminate in the terms, conditions, or privileges of employment on account of race, age, color, sex, national origin, physical or mental disability, or religion or otherwise as may be prohibited by federal and state law.

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